Surprise Proposal | Hanging Rock State Park

Proposals are so much fun to photograph! Zeb contacted me and asked if I would be willing to make the hike up Hanging Rock to photograph him popping the questions to Kacie. I climbed up to the peak about 3o minutes before Kacie and Zeb to find a good hiding place. Kacie’s friend, Carly was with them and kept in contact with me, letting me know when they got close. It was a crowded day at the top, being the peak of the fall color so it took Zeb a few minutes to find a good spot. I stayed back a bit, following them and when he got down on one knee I quickly got closer. Kacie was completely surprised! She had no idea I was there and was so happy that it had all been documented. It was windy and the temp with the wind chill was below freezing but completely worth the hike and the cold to witness my friends life changing. Congratulations Zeb and Kacie!