A Birth Story

Natalie and Demetri contacted me on referral from one of my existing clients about 2 weeks before their baby boy was due. They wanted someone to capture the birth of their sweet boy and a few pictures of them together after so that Demetri could be completely there for Natalie during her labor. I wish I had done this when both of my girls were born. I was on call all day and Demetri kept me updated. At 10pm she still hadn't made much progress so I knew that I would be up most of the night waiting to hear. I dozed on and off and got a call around 4am that it was time. I made the 45 minutes drive to Forsyth Medical Center and arrived just in time of Natalie to start pushing. An hour or so later baby Drake was born. What an amazing thing to be a part of. I feel so blessed and honored to be trusted with such a task. These photos speak for themselves.